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Domingo tile is predominant in ceramic industries. Doing Something versatile -“To deliver better than best”. We Constantly endeavor to bring you the best collection of wall & floor tiles that blend with diverse architectural needs.

We are located in Morbi, which is the most promising ceramic tiles manufacturing hub of India. The company was established with the objective of manufacturing the best products in wall & floor tiles, making their dreams come true. With years of experience in the industry, the founder members of wall & floor units came together and established a brand, recognized today as Domingo tiles. Domingo has a luxurious product range where a customer can get more design & more choice in one place. Our products lead the market because of exquisite designs, competitive rate, long-lasting life, and extensive range.

Through the company’s endless creative innovation and product’s reliable quality. Domingo is gloried to be chosen by several international eminent companies of tiles as their quality producer and keeping the longtime relationship till now and future.

Why Domingo?

Why Domingo


To become a prominent brand in ceramic industries by maintaining trust, respect, and openness in our business relationship. Using superior design and innovation, teamwork, ethics, and sustainability that satisfy domestic as well as international customer needs.


We will continue to produce a superior product for commercial and residential application through investments in the latest technology and a strong commitment to our customer and the environment.


Domingo Tiles offers large production capacities, wide tiles design ranges, & state-of-the-art machinery park. The company has production bases in Morbi, Gujarat. Manufacturing unit’s location was strategically chosen because location makes the most of the available facilities. It makes it easy for the company to procure the necessary raw materials without any problems. Domingo is understood the changing demands of the customers.

The machinery has been put together in such a way that it not only saves time but also helps to maintain the quality of the end products. The entire production system is synergized enabling flawless production. In-house research & development department, latest storage, and material handling system and others ensure high quality to the customers. Right from the raw material to the end product, everything is checked and perfected to ensure that there is no error during production.

We provide real value, European high-end quality standards, years of experience in design, production & handling of ceramic wall and porcelain floor tiles. Our production capacity is 8.5 million Square Meters of high-quality ceramic tiles per annum.

Our Commitment

Commitment About Us

Domingo is concerned about environmental protection and consumer health and safety & refuses to use raw materials that pollute the environment for production. Domingo’s product quality meets ISO international standards, European standards, and North American standards. The only way we can succeed and survive is by taking care of our planet & We have made sure that to keep the environment and the planet safe at all times.

Our Team

Kanani Bhargav Co-Founder

Kanani Bhargav


Kanani Gauravkumar Co-Founder

Kanani Gauravkumar


Savasani Meet Co-Founder

Savasani Meet


Bhimani Raj Co-Founder

Bhimani Raj